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Jewelry Care

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a high quality medium that is fairly durable and super lightweight. Please treat them with care as handmade pieces of wearable art.

To ensure your earrings live a good long life, I recommend keeping them away from water, oils, sprays, etc. If makeup gets on your earrings, they can be gently wiped away with a q-tip or cotton ball dipped in water. If necessary, a bit of acetone can be very gently used for stronger stains. It's best to store your earrings away from other metal jewelry as they are susceptible to scratches and breakage under extreme pressures.

Properly cured polymer clay has some flexiblility and is bendable, however please do not do this to your jewelry as it will harm the structure of the piece overtime.


Other Components

Please see each product listing for the exact material in each product. If a piece has brass components, including gold-plated brass, please understand that it will tarnish overtime due to moisture and sun exposure. If your piece begins to tarnish, you can use a metal polish product to treat it. 


Please contact for any other questions.